Pet Connect 2
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Game Description

Pet Connect 2

Pet Connect 2, the successor of the all-time beloved classic puzzle game is here! Connect your way through 12 challenging levels, and clear the compound to beat the high score! Connect animals using 3 lines max and find gaps you can match them through. Find a partner for each pet to move to the next level. The faster you clear them, the higher your score will be. Are you able to go through all of the levels, and make all the animals happy before the time runs out? Find out now!

Game Developer: GameDistribution

Game Comments

This is a tough game, much more difficult than Dream Pet Link. I made it to level 8 w/7574 score. The fence that surrounds the pen makes this game much more difficult & there's a limited amount of hints. It is cute the time is calculated by the hamster running around the wheel. The music can't be turned off w/o losing the sound fx too which is a drawback. unsure


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