Tropical Merge
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Game Description

Tropical Merge

Prepare yourself for the family farm adventure full of mysteries and extraordinary characters. Help locals save their paradise bay while renovating the island and growing your tropical farm. Go on expeditions to explore other islands and solve even more riddles. Don’t miss your chance to build a perfect tropical farm!

Game Developer: GameDistribution

Tropical Merge Review

Alex 'Gaming Guru'
Alex 'Gaming Guru'


A Cozy Island Adventure Awaits in Tropical Merge

Welcome to Tropical Merge, an engaging farm-building adventure that promises a mix of mystery and character-driven storytelling. As a casual gaming enthusiast, I found the blend of renovation and exploration to be an inviting twist to the genre. Helping the locals save their paradise bay while sprucing up the island offers a satisfying sense of progress.

Fans of the game mention finding pleasure in the construction aspect, feeling the thrill of merging elements to advance. Although, a few have encountered issues like a black screen, the overall sentiment is positive, focusing on the game's tropic-inspired mechanics and captivating expeditions.

Navigating other islands provides additional layers of riddles and engagement, keeping the gameplay experience fresh. However, it would benefit from a smoother user experience to fully maximize its potential. If you're looking to cultivate your tropical farm and uncover hidden wonders, Tropical Merge might just be the casual escape you need.
Review 116 - Tropical Merge

Game Comments

Hi Still cant see the game , only have a black screen... Help

why don't things like watching ads to get more ruby's work, or opening the radio to get prizes work. Also how do you get the game to save from one day to the next? Who can answer these questions? Some help would be great. Thank You, bbumb

Bonjour ce jeu y est toujours il faut aller dans construire et chercher bonne chance. smile

Hi Is the game gone?

j'adore le jeu dans construire fusion tropicale smile

I reached level 10, watched so many ads and suddenly all my scores disappeared and I have to start all over again :/


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