Bubble Shooter Classic
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Game Description

Bubble Shooter Classic

This is a great remake of the original Bubbles Shooter game, one of the most played games in the world. Pop all bubbles by creating combinations of 3 or more.

The Bubble Shooter Classic game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

Bubble Shooter Classic Review

Maria G
Maria G


Bubbly Fun with a Classic Twist


As someone who enjoys the nostalgia of classic arcade games, I must say Bubble Shooter Classic has been a delightful way to pass the time. It's a refreshing remake of one of the world's most played games, where the objective is simple yet engaging: pop all bubbles by creating groups of three or more. The mechanics are smooth, and there's an undeniable satisfaction in watching the bubbles burst – it's like bubble wrap for your fingertips!

The ability to save scores on Play123 adds a competitive edge, driving you to beat your own best. Although some players have mentioned scoring hiccups, it seems to affect only a few, and I've enjoyed seamless gameplay. And if you're thinking about your next high score, here's something to chew on: if bubble gum were scored like this game, I bet bubblegum scores would blow up quickly!...

In summary, for a game that's easy to dive into and provides a compulsive bubble-popping experience, Bubble Shooter Classic is a hit. It's a game that hones your strategy and precision with a dose of bubbly fun.

Review 378 - Bubble Shooter Classic

Game Comments

I scored 290 something and my score wouldn't record.......what should I do?

still not recording current scores

Good game but not adding correct score on my last game of 194960


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