Bubble Shooter Gold Mining
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Game Description

Bubble Shooter Gold Mining

Mine the gold hidden among the bubbles. There will be 60 challenging levels. You will find a different challenge in each level with 'different types of bubbles and power-ups'. To complete a level you must mine all the gold pieces appearing among the bubbles. Shoot the bubble on the board to make groups of 3 or more bubbles of the same color. You must complete a level within the allowed time. You will get a better score if you complete the level early.

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Game Comments

I had the best score & after playing for over an hour it was just erased back to zero. Be careful, there's a reason not too many people have played this game & there's very few scores. I know I'm NEVER going to play it again, especially not after getting the best score & then having it erased like I never played the game @ all. thumbdown no boxing


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