Bubble Tower 3D
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Game Description

Bubble Tower 3D

Experience this reinvented video game classic in a completely new dimension and an amazing aztec setting! Try to connect at least 3 bubbles of the same color to reach the top of the tower. Not enough action happening? Try out the destructive fireball and watch him do his magic. Let's go and reach the high score.

The Bubble Tower 3D game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

Game Developer: Famobi

Bubble Tower 3D Review



Entertaining Spin on a Classic with Bubble Tower 3D


As a fan of traditional bubble shooters, Bubble Tower 3D breathes new life into a familiar formula. The aztec setting and 3D tower design add a refreshing twist, keeping you engaged as you aim to connect bubbles of the same color. It's a game that seems straightforward but requires a bit of strategy - especially when employing the fireball for that extra bit of excitement!

Other players seem to find it quite engaging too, as they mention the captivating 'endless' gameplay that could keep you hooked for hours. And yes, you can save your high scores here on Play123, adding to the competitive fun.

Overall, the game keeps a positive vibe going, and there rarely seems to be a dull moment. Just don't get too wrapped up in popping those bubbles, or you might just forget about the outside world for a while – a testament to its captivating charm. And here's a fun fact, the only 'pop quiz' I ever enjoyed was figuring out which bubble to pop next!

Review 390 - Bubble Tower 3D

Game Comments


me too sad

This game is endless. You shoot the balls on the rod and it goes on & on ... I played an hour, 61,315 & it never posted my score. I got tired of playing it. blush


Number of votes: 7