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Once upon a time, the colorful and cuddly Fuzzies lived happily together in their village. But the resident villain in the castle isn't confident with his pale appearance and therefore decides to squeeze the Fuzzies in order to get their colors with his brutal machine. And so, the villain invades the peaceful Fuzzie village. Save the Fuzzies and help them escape from the cruel crushing machine! Merge at least 3 Fuzzies of the same color and try to clear all of them. Through combos you will gain mighty bomb- or rainbowfuzzies! Can you save the Fuzzies before they're getting squeezed?

The Fuzzies game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

Game Developer: Famobi

Fuzzies Review



Charming Puzzle Adventure Awaits in The Fuzzies

The moment I laid hands on The Fuzzies, I was reminded of classic bubble shooter games, but with a unique twist that sets it apart. The premise is simple yet engaging: save these adorable creatures from a villain's color-draining scheme by matching three or more of the same colored Fuzzies. It's a fun challenge that demands sharp reflexes and strategic thinking, especially as you pursue those satisfying combos and special bomb- or rainbowfuzzies.

I found the experience delightfully reminiscent of games like Bubble Witch, yet The Fuzzies stands on its own with a distinctive charm. The sound effects reminded me of the lovable Witty Kitty, enhancing the gameplay with an extra layer of cuteness. I appreciate the option to toggle the sound, as it allows for a more personalized experience. Although it starts off relatively easy, don't be fooled—the levels ramp up in difficulty, ensuring that you remain on your toes.

Playing through the various stages of The Fuzzies, I've noticed that mastering eye-hand coordination is indeed key to advancing. It's this challenging progression that keeps me, and many other players based on the community feedback, coming back for more. While some compare it to familiar titles, it's obvious that The Fuzzies captures a unique audience with its colorful and engaging gameplay. If you're a fellow puzzle enthusiast looking for your next obsession, check out their similar offerings such as Bubble Shooter for another angle on strategic play.

Game Comments

Like this game, reminds me of a game on KING called possibly Chuzzles !

This is similar to an RG flash game, Bubble Witch with cute fuzzy critters that make sounds similar to another flash game character, Witty Kitty. Good eye hand coordination is key to doing well @ this game. Also the levels get progressively harder. Thankfully you can turn off the music in the settings. unsure

impossibile liberarsi della pubblicità...che fatica


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