Microsoft Sudoku
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Microsoft Sudoku

How quickly can you complete the challenging puzzles in Microsoft Sudoku? Fans of the numerical game from all around the world have been playing the Microsoft edition of Sudoku since it first debuted in 2014. If you've never tried it before, now is a great time to experience it for yourself. Will you be able to fill all the columns and rows in each grid in this challenging Microsoft game? There's also several different modes for players of all skill levels in this version of the classic game. Be sure to try the helpful notes option, too. It will help you keep track of where each number can be inserted. If you’re looking for a real challenge, try one of the irregular puzzles that feature more complex layouts.

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Microsoft Sudoku Review

James D
James D


Engaging Puzzles with a Classic Touch

As a huge Sudoku fan, I was immediately drawn to Microsoft Sudoku. The game captures the essence of traditional Sudoku but adds its own modern twist. The difficulty levels are well balanced, giving both newcomers and seasoned players plenty to work with. I especially appreciated the notes option – it proved handy in trickier puzzles. Friends in my gaming circle said the irregular puzzles added a delightful layer of complexity, making it a refreshing challenge. While playing, the interface felt intuitive, and I got the sense of a polished, immersive experience. For anyone looking to flex their numerical muscles, this is a solid choice. Explore similar brain-teasers like Microsoft Mahjong for another engaging puzzle game on

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