Soccer Bubbles
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Game Description

Soccer Bubbles

Just in time for the European Soccer Championship, this special version of the smash hit Smarty Bubbles will get your adrenaline pumping! Combine at least 3 same-colored balls to remove them from the field and try to clear all colors!

The Soccer Bubbles game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

Game Developer: Famobi

Soccer Bubbles Review

James D
James D


Casual Fun With A Soccer Twist


Jumping into Soccer Bubbles during the soccer season felt like the perfect kickoff. It’s a simple match-3 game that merges the love of soccer with the popular bubble shooting format. The game challenges you to align at least three same-colored soccer balls to clear them off the board and eventually, clear all colors. It does a decent job of keeping the excitement level akin to an actual soccer match...

Feedback from players hints at a rewarding yet occasionally frustrating experience. One player mentioned loving the game's engaging theme, complete with charming soccer ball designs that could make anyone smile. Another pointed out that the gameplay, while enjoyable, can drag a bit longer than expected. This adds an extra layer of challenge, or perhaps impatience, depending on your pace.

The concept of Soccer Bubbles fits well for those looking for a casual gaming stint. Especially with the scores feature allowing you to save and boast your high scores right here on Play123, it provides a decent reason to come back and beat your or others' records. While it won’t revolutionize the match-3 genre, it serves a good distraction with a fun, sporty twist. Ideal for quick gaming breaks amidst the daily hustle.

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Game Comments

They need to fix this game,it is taking forever to play but appears to be fun.

Ce jeu est super chouette je l'adore. smile


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