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Sit back and relax as you play a nice game of solitaire in Fairway Solitaire on your browser. The graphics are beautiful and the game is just as fun.

The Fairway game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

Fairway Review

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A Whimsical Blend of Solitaire and Golf

Whenever I fancy a leisurely escapade into the world of card-flipping and virtual putting greens, I find myself gravitating towards Fairway Solitaire. This delightful concoction of solitaire puzzle gaming garnished with a hint of golf is quite the touch of genius. Imagine the serenity of no background music, just the sweet victory of landing an ace that marvelously doubles as both high and low – pure bliss!

Despite some wishing for a score-submitting escape hatch or yearning for more levels, the challenge of reaching holes beyond number nine keeps players like myself ambitiously clicking. There's something about trying to one-up your best score, which was, if you must know, an impressive negative seventeen on level six! All in all, Fairway Solitaire offers an amusing way to unwind. It might just be the perfect tee time for your brain!

Game Comments

sorry got to hole 9 but how do you get further

is there any more games after level 6 if so how do you gwt to it ty

Hi hun

How are you?

Im playing this game now just trying to work it out!

My best score was -17 on level six. big-smilie Wish it showed that in the scores. angry

I like that there's no music to turn off. Its basically a counting game. I like the the Ace is both high & low card. Yet now the game is frozen & I can't do anything. Wish there was a submit score button so I could escape. sweat wierd


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