Hidden Objects: Brain Teaser
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Game Description

Hidden Objects: Brain Teaser

Hidden Objects is a new kind of search-and-find hidden object game. It's an adventure-puzzle casual game where you'll be searching for hidden artifacts and finding them! Prepare for a great hidden object journey! On each level you'll have to find out missing objects and solve a puzzle quest: seek and find highlighted items and complete hidden object challenges. Each level is a new location – a mysterious house, ranch, abandoned pickup truck, mystery hotel, and many others. Enjoy the atmosphere of the hidden object photo puzzle casual game thanks to the highly detailed gorgeous graphics!

Game Developer: GameDistribution

Game Comments

Le jeu ne s'ouvre plus !!! navrant

youpiiiii le jeu fonctionne enfin mais sans le son !!! pas dérangeant !!! thumbup

tjrs pas ouvert !!! grrr

le jeu s'est ouvert mais pas pour longtemps dommage !!! sad

tjrs pas d'amélioration !!! grrrr dommage car j'y joue aussi sur facebook et il est bien ce jeu

The same here... sad

le jeu ne s'ouvre pas !!! surrender