Jewels Classic
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Game Description

Jewels Classic

Match three or more of the same gems to clear them from the level. Use boosters to create epic combos and reap the rewards of chests and more! There is no timer in Jewels Classic. That means you can take your time to select the best gem matches for the most points. To earn more points, complete more difficult gem matches. Instead of just three-of-a-kinds, try to make four-of-a-kinds, five-of-a-kinds, and even L-shaped matches. The game ends when you run out of moves. Jewels Classic trains important brain skills including visual acuity and concentration. Play now to prove your multifaceted skills and compete against the world in leaderboards for the top score!

Game Developer: GameDistribution

Game Comments

I agree with you! There is no leader board, played twice & worked out to avoid the hints & can be anoying!!! I forgot to save my score it was about? three thousand seven hundred I think? no clue! LOL smile


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