Lollipop World
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Game Description

Lollipop World

Enjoy Lollipop World - A very sweet match 3 puzzle for match 3 game lovers! Play with cute cookies and colorful candies. Solve puzzles with quick thinking, smart moves, and tasty candy combos! Play now and embark on a magical journey through, filled with fun and challenging puzzles.

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Game Developer: Playtouch

Game Comments

This is a strange game. I played up to level 7 & couldn't get past it - somehow I never earned enough diamonds to 'buy' extras like a hammer or useful specials. Plus there's all these achievements I supposedly passed but got nothing for them. I think they are annoying & I'm not sure why that element was added. So earned about 100k per level @ 732,960. Apparently there's 50 levels, thankfully I didn't have to play all those levels in order to have my score recognized. dry


Number of votes: 7