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Game Description


Drag and drop the tiles to form words. Take advantage of bonus tiles such as double letter scores, triple word scores and more. How well-versed are you with the English vocabulary? The highest score wins! Fans of word games such as scrabble will love this.

Game Developer: GameDistribution

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Wordmeister Review

Digital Nomad Dave
Digital Nomad Dave


Mixed Feelings on Wordmeister

After spending some time with Wordmeister, I find it lands somewhere in the middle for me. It's designed to tickle the brains of word game aficionados, especially those who have a soft spot for Scrabble-like experiences. Dragging and dropping tiles to craft words is simple enough, but I can't shake off the frustration of the limited 'real' word recognition at times.

Moreover, the abundance of ads mars the gameplay, breaking concentration and diminishing the enthusiasm to surpass high scores. Even when the game plays quickly without hitches, the constant interruption of adverts is a serious drawback. I've noticed I'm not alone in these sentiments. While the concept promises a satisfying vocabulary challenge, the execution, pesky two-letter word placements by the computer, and a seemingly unfair algorithm have left many players feeling disenchanted.

There's potential in Wordmeister for those seeking a casual puzzle fix, but it could use some fine-tuning to rise above the average benchmark.

Game Comments

Spoilt now by too many interuptions with useless adverts.

Do they have a game that uses "real" words....???

Far too many ads. Spoils the game and the concentration

The aim of these scrabble games is to just block the game,hence just 2 letter words ,changing the letters and passing for no reason,can the makers give us a proper game?

very disappointed with the scrabble games on this site, the computer continuously puts in
2 letter words or says it cant go, very frustrating thumbdown




arrgh adverts

I like this game also but yes, ads are terrible and no keeping score! Not that I would have high scores anyway lol

I like the game but the constant adverts are annoying

Too many adverts !!

Its like digital scrabble.

I quite like this game . It plays quickly !

I like this game .


Number of votes: 7