4 Colors: Monument Edition
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Game Description

4 Colors: Monument Edition

Have fun and discover the most beautiful monuments with this new version of Four Colors! Face up to 3 real opponents or 3 computer-controlled players. Match cards by color or number. Use play-action cards to mix the game up and be the first to get rid of all cards. Last but not least: Do not forget to press the 1 button when you have only one card left!

The 4 Colors: Monument Edition game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

4 Colors: Monument Edition Review



An Enjoyable Spin on a Classic Game: 4 Colors Monument Edition


Embarking on a global journey while sitting in the comfort of your home is a joy that 4 Colors: Monument Edition brings to your screens. This game, a delightful spin on the classic Uno, lets you explore the most beautiful monuments, adding a dash of educational fun to the mix. You're not just matching colors or numbers here; you're also brushing up on your knowledge of world monuments, something I found both engaging and enlightening.

Playing against up to 3 real or computer-controlled opponents adds a competitive edge, but remember, hitting that 1 button when you're down to your last card is crucial. Some players have shared their appreciation for how the game mimics Uno but wished for lesser ads. Despite this minor hiccup, the ability to save scores on Play123 adds an element of progression and bragging rights among friends.

Overall, 4 Colors: Monument Edition is a pleasant way to pass the time, blending educational elements with the strategic depth of Uno. It might not be the perfect game, but it's a fun, light-hearted experience for casual gamers and fans of card games alike.

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trop de pubs dommage

clap bon jeu de UNO mais pas le nom !!!


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