Algerijns Patience
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Game Description

Algerijns Patience

The difficulty level will be lifted by playing with two full decks of cards. The first desk is supposed to end up stacked per suit and from Ace to King and the last deck from King to Ace. Sharp your mind to master Algerian Patience.

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Algerijns Patience Review



A Balanced Take on Algerijns Patience


Stepping into the world of Algerijns Patience on Play123, I found myself both intrigued and slightly bewildered. The game, challenging players with two full decks of cards and tasks them with organizing them in a very specific order, really puts your patience to the test. And it's not for the faint of heart – or those short on time. The thrill of strategizing each move, with the goal of stacking the first deck per suit from Ace to King and the last deck vice versa, tickled my brain in just the right way.

Feedback from fellow players echoed my initial confusion, with some pointing out the need for clearer instructions and others musing over the mysterious appearance of unexpected cards. Despite these hiccups, the essence of sharpening your mind while mastering the game shines through. It's all about learning the ropes and enjoying the journey, even if you find yourself scratching your head at times.

For those who relish the mental gymnastics of solitaire games, Algerijns Patience offers a refreshing twist. If you're keen on similar challenges, you might enjoy Spider Solitaire as well. While not every aspect of the game was clear from the get-go, the sense of achievement in making those strategic moves can't be denied. Keep in mind, every game has its quirks, and it seems this one is no exception. All in all, Algerijns Patience is a solid pick for those willing to exercise some serious mental flexibility.

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Algerijns Patience

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Would like instructions on how to play this game, please. I just lucked out, but have many questions, like why do cards appear out of nowhere? giving me a 3rd card of a certain #.


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