Bubble Witch Saga
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Game Description

Bubble Witch Saga

An exciting new adventure game in which you must shoot colorful bubbles and group them in groups of 3 to clear them from the screen if you want to reach the highest score. Are you ready to overcome lots of amazing levels full of challenges and adventures? Stella, our beloved witch, and her cats need your help to scare away the dark spirits that haunt their land, can you free the land from the witches before it's too late? Aim, shoot and have fun in this fantastic version of the classic Puzzle Bobble.

Game Developer: GameMonetize

Bubble Witch Saga Review

Kenji T
Kenji T


A Bewitching Bubble-Popping Adventure

Stepping into the mystical world of Bubble Witch Saga, I was greeted with an engaging bubble shooter experience. The game is a vibrant journey through levels where strategy and precision are key. As I aimed to help Stella and her cats fend off dark spirits, each level presented a delightful challenge that kept me entertained. It's true that the game follows the familiar format of grouping three bubbles to clear the board, but the addition of enchanting graphics and a magical narrative gives it a unique charm. The responsive controls and intuitive gameplay were a plus, although the experience was occasionally interrupted by ads, which seems to be a common sentiment among players. Nonetheless, the thrill of achieving high scores and progressing through the whimsical lands made for hours of enjoyment...
Review 118 - Bubble Witch Saga

Game Comments

Too Many Ads !

Hi is this game on a leaderboard? I can't find where to submit my socers. I don't have problems with ads? I have a ad block built in tech wise on my computer.

oui trop de pubs !!! dommage !!!

Bonjour, pas mal ce jeu merci smile

Its ok. You need to tap the colored circle @ the bottom to change the color needed. And I agree. Too many ads. So for every 30 seconds played, you'll have to endure a 30 second ad. That's too often. This game isn't that great.

I guess I haven't reached a level for ads; it it has ads, I won't play. It's too bad they don't have games that require the skill that RG required. A lot of these seem made for children, but when I need a break once in a while, they are still fun.

Too many ADS!


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