Sensei Mahjongg
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Sensei Mahjongg

Master Qwan is now Sensei Mahjongg Master. Sensei Mahjongg is the successor of the classic Master Qwan's Mahjongg game. Try to remove all tiles from the layout by combining two of the same free tiles. Try to clear all 52 layouts.

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Game Developer: Zygomatic

Sensei Mahjongg Review



Sensei Mahjongg: The (not quite) Zen Experience

Jumped into Sensei Mahjongg, hoping for a serene tile-matching session. Gotta say, it's a decent follow-up to Master Qwan's Mahjongg. The mechanics are familiar - find pairs, clear the board, yada yada. But you can't just leap to your fave layout; it's a linear journey through 52 of them, starting with the first.

The good? Turning off the music while keeping sound effects, a surprisingly elusive feature, is possible here. The 'not-so-sure-about'? I've clocked 3 hours trying to conquer this beast, and my score's still playing hard to get. It's a bit like watching paint dry, but if the paint played mind games with you. Let's be honest, if you're into Mahjong, Sensei Mahjongg will scratch that itch. Just don't expect a quick fling – it's more of a long-term relationship.
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Game Comments

You must follow each level starting with the first shape you can't choose which level you prefer like in Master Qwan Mahjongg. crazy That is the better game. The only thing I like in this rather than that is here I can turn off the music & still have sound effects & on that game if you turn off the music, you also loose the sound effects. dry

If you're proficient @ Mahjong this game can go on forever & you'll play all 52 levels as the time resets every new level & your score isn't calculated til the end. So each level depending on the difficulty is about 15 minutes. So I've played for 3 hours (so far) & my score hasn't been submitted, so its like I've not played @ all. I'm letting the clock run out on my level so I can get the accumulated score as I have other things to do w/my life! blush


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